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By Sandra Ward

Sandra Ward, Licensee of Ray White Dural has just celebrated her 30th Year with the Ray White franchise. That is quite an achievement and as a business owner in the Hills district she has employed many people over the years, supported lots of local fund-raising events as well as assisted so many to find their dream home …..

“On 8th October, 1988 I started my career in real estate as a receptionist for the third-franchised Ray White office in New South Wales.  I had three bosses – Brian Davis, Ron Rosier and Ian Lawton – who were all long-term residents of the Hill’s area.  From my role as receptionist I progressed to property management and then into sales.  I worked seven days a week and absolutely loved the job.

My first sale was a property in Cranstons Road, Dural which I sold to a Valuer and his family and they still reside at the property to this day and we are still friends and respected professionals.

In those early days prices for good arable land with a decent home were in the early $600,000 and by contrast, today would be in the $3,000,000 range or more.

July, 1989 was a “revolutionary” month for me.  I sold a property in Davey Road, Dural for $1.7m and announced via an editorial in the local newspaper that is was the “Best Home in the Dural area”.

Two long-term clients of mine presented themselves in the office a week later and said “that’s not the best home, ours is”.  Theirs’ really was an iconic property, very different from the traditional colonial houses and I went on to sell that property in Glenorie for $1.52m in February, 1990.  These two sales launched me firmly into my real estate career.

Those early years were very different, buyers would come to the office with their wish list and then of the hundreds of listings we might carry we would progressively work through them to find the right one.  Today everything is via the internet and email so that initial personal rapport is missing.

Our market in Dural and surrounding areas is very much a niche market with a real commitment to a lifestyle.  From my own experience I have a real love for what our area has to offer families and I am now enjoying acreage living with my grandchildren. We are fortunate to enjoy the privacy and safe environment for our kids to grow up.

My quirkiest sale was a very discreet and unusual home in Quarry Road, Dural which was beautifully built but very different.  The owner had designed and built it himself over three levels using bold colours and lots of glass, quirky fireplaces and very “arty” bathrooms.  It featured a white piano signed by Liberace!  In the strangest set of circumstance the style the purchaser and seller shared was incredibly similar.  Generally you will find buyers and sellers are of the same ilk and every property has the right buyer.

There is a huge range of populous in our area from farmers to senior executives.  The calibre of homes has certainly changed, style as well as size, making the area very diverse.”

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